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A major oil spill is threatening the fragile Swedish marine ecosystems in the Karlshamn region due to the grounding of the passenger ferry Marco Polo in Pukaviksbukten on 22.10.

While passengers and crew were thankfully unharmed, the ecological impact is substantial, as the ferry has leaked diesel fuel for several kilometers before running aground where it was stuck.

Oil spills can have serious impacts on marine life and the natural environment depending on the amount and type of oil and the actions taken to clean it up. The Swedish authorities are mobilizing to address the oil spill, reflecting the urgency to mitigate environmental damage. Lamor’s Oil Spill Response Equipment, including the Bow Collector and, LORS inbuilt system are being used in the cleanup effort helping to contain and manage the spill.

Despite the challenging situation, we hope that all the vital ongoing efforts will help reduce the long-term impact on the environment.

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