Lamor establishes a new rental centre and logistics hub in the Netherlands

Lamor has established a new logistics hub in Werkendam, the Netherlands. An extensive warehouse for oil spill response technology, covering the total area of nearly 3,000 square metres, will host an official opening ceremony at the end of May. The location will also include a Lamor customer service and sales office serving the Benelux customers.

The new logistics hub is located 30 minutes out of Rotterdam, thus providing a swift access to a European transportation network and facilitating efficient distribution across the globe when needed. In oil spill response operations, time is of the essence. The sooner the equipment is available, the better the outcome for all parties and the environment. With the new centre, Lamor is also aiming for a smaller carbon footprint, as it enables optimisation of emissions from transportation.

Lamor’s new location will offer oil spill technology for rental, lease, and sale, as well as service and maintenance of equipment. Its customers will mainly consist of salvages companies, shipyards, offshore companies, governments, and port authorities. For instance, many globally significant oil companies have refineries and other operations in Rotterdam, and Lamor’s close proximity brings added safety to the area.

The official opening of the Lamor operation will take place in Werkendam on 30 May.

“At Lamor, we want to be the preferred partner during the journey towards a cleaner world. We have decades of experience in innovation and know-how of oil spill response technology and prevention”, highlights Mathias Lindroos, Director of Environmental Technology from Lamor. “This new hub will enable faster deliveries with less emissions, enhancing our local presence in the continental Europe.”

The new office and warehouse are set up in same premises as the new EMSA Equipment Assistance Service stockpile whose operation Lamor won last year. EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) Northern Sea stockpile has been operational since January. It will serve EU countries in the Northern Sea area at request in oil spills where added assistance is needed.

“Lamor is in a strong growth phase. With the new strategic hub near Rotterdam, we will improve the supply chain network, inventory management and emergency response readiness. With our environmental protection solutions, we can offer a lot to the Benelux market”, says Arjen van den Brink, Country Manager and Sales for the Benelux countries. “Operating locally allows Lamor better understand customer preferences, leading to stronger relationships and long-term success with our globally local approach.”

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