UK & IRELAND SPILL ASSOCIATION – Drill rig selection and safety

Wednesday, 17 November 2021, 1500 BST      Knowledge Base: Inland – Drill rig selection and safety

This webinar presented in conjunction with Structural Soils and RSK-RAW will focus on Drill Rigs, how to use the right one for the job and how to use them safely.

Eric Downey, Associate Director of Structural Soils, will explain the different types of drill rig in common use, how to select the right rig for the job and the operational considerations to be made when using them. Importantly he will explain the health and safety factors to be appreciated when using them and working around them.

Ruaraidh McKinnon, Business Manager at RSK Raw will discuss when to use a drill rig as part of a ground investigation strategy, monitoring well installation, environmental sampling and other considerations such as noise, vibration and of course the space needed to use them safely.

There will then be a few case studies to explain how they were used and the results delivered.

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