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Please join the ExxonMobil Oil Spill Response Knowledge Transfer Webinar Series Webinar 24 on Wednesday, May 29th at 10am Eastern Time.

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Inland Spill Response: Coordination Challenges and Lessons Learned



John Giese


John Giese is the manager of DEQ’s Office of Pollution Response & Emergency Preparedness Program. Prior to joining the VADEQ in 1997, John worked as an environmental consultant in the petroleum storage tank industry. Since joining the DEQ, John has held various positions including manager of the agency’s Alternate Water Supply Program, Petroleum State Lead Program, and Petroleum Remediation Program. In conjunction with the Department of Emergency Management, John represents Virginia on the EPA Region III Regional Response Team and the Virginia Area Committee for response planning. John has participated as state on-scene coordinator in several high-profile pollution incidents including the Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill, the Colonial Pipeline Centreville Gasoline Spill, and the Oceana Jet Fuel Spill. John earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech and resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife.  


Michael Towle


Michael Towle manages the Preparedness and Response Branch within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 3’s Superfund and Emergency Management Division. He has served in this position since 2018. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in geology, Mike came to EPA in 1987 where he spent most of his career as an On-Scene Coordinator. In addition to responding to a wide range of incident types, Mike has worked over many years on groups and teams established to improve EPA’s response to the release of hazardous substances or the discharge of oil.  


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