Website address: https://www.abasco.com

Email Address: [email protected]

Contact name: Chuck Labounty

Phone Number: 12814461500

Emergency Phone Number: 12814461500

Geographical Area Covered: Worldwide

ABASCO LLC has been an oil spill equipment manufacturer since 1975 offering a wide range of quality products to the response industry. The company has the ability to provide custom products beyond our standard boom & reels, skimmers, temporary storage tanks, dispersant spray systems and other products.

  • Manufacturer
  • Spill containment / diversion booms (offshore)
  • Spill containment booms (inland)
  • Shoreline protection barriers
  • Trash collecting systems
  • Portable flood barriers
  • Skimmers and ancillary equipment
  • Pumps (oil/water transfer and hoses)
  • Oil spill dispersant
  • Oil spill dispersant spraying equipment
  • Portable recovered oil containment tanks
  • Floating oil tanks/dracone barges
  • Oil spill response vessels, landing craft, etc.