SpillTech as

Website address: https://spilltech.no

Email Address: [email protected]

Contact name: Trond Lindheim

Phone Number: +4794785555

Country Location: Sandefjord Norway

Geographical Area Covered: Marine litter solutions ; worldwide. OilSpill and flood ; Norway

SpillTech AS is a Norwegian company developing and selling optimal solutions for environmental technology challenges.

We try to make a comprehensive toolbox for marine litter.

Spill containment booms (inland)
Trash collecting systems
Portable flood barriers
Skimmers and ancillary equipment
Pumps (oil/water transfer and hoses)
Sorbent boom and other materials
Floating oil tanks/dracone barges
Vacuum recovery systems

Trash collecting systems for : ports, rivers, seafloor and shoreline.

Shoreline clean-up assessment technique